Vorwerk Kobold VR200 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


The Vorwerk VR200 takes the struggles out of Vacuuming, this luxury machine will clean your home while you sit with a cup of tea, even while your out at work or shopping.

I love the fact i can leave the house, grab the kids and go without having to rush around vacuuming, It has built in sensors which avoids obstetrical in your home, making its way around and under all furniture without any collisions and can be left unattended. This means i can schedule cleans from my Iphone with the App while i am out and i come back to a clean vacuumed home. The app is completely free and allows you to start and stop cleans from in or out of the home, it will also notify you on your phone once a clean is finished and take its self back to its charging dock. AMAZING!!!

The VR200 fully charged  and set to ECO mode can give you up to 90 full minutes vacuuming time, with an amazing performance from beginning to end. I Put the Robot to the test by staging a salt spillage, leaving nothing behind it managed to pick it all up i was very impressed.

I think we can all agree that when it comes the time to Empty a Vacuum its usually the worst job in the world, but with the VR200 emptying is a dream. The dust is compact which means no dust clouds when emptying, or the dust can also be sucked out with a hose vacuum cleaner.

My most frequently asked question is ” is it worth the price tag?”  at £749.99 and my answer is Yes! every penny my thoughts are that its very intelligent such as avoiding stairs, memorises  rooms, avoids furniture, its like a living maid in your home. The VR200 is very low maintenance , after every vacuum it will take itself back to its charging dock or to its starting position, very easy to clean out the dust compartment.

I really enjoyed getting to grips with the Vacuum, each time i found something new my mind was blown yet again!. The kids took a big interest in the VR200, they were so fascinated they would sit jaws to the floor watching this robot vacuum up, they would ask if they could hoover constantly its definitely a brilliant way to get kids to help with chores too!

23164613_1931586330204823_7918732783906717696_n(1)CLICK HERE to direct to the Kobold VR200 Robot Vacuum



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