Vorwerk VK200 Home Cleaning System Vaccum Review

A  Vaccum is just a Vaccum right?… wrong. I thought the same thing before being introduced to the Vorwerk VK200 home cleaning system, to be able to mop and Vaccum hard floors at the same time with the SP530 Hard floor attachment is mind blowing! Leaving a clean perfect shiny hard floor everytime.

Attachments are very easy to change over with a simple press of a button, the attachments will retract from the machine allowing you to add on another. Talking of attachments i personally think Vorwerk win hands down for the best attachments, forget having a cupboard bursting with your  Vaccum, mop, duster and carpet cleaner because theres an attachment available to cover them all including a Deep Cleaning Mattress Set and Electric upholstery brush.

People are shocked when they see the price tag £749-£1,500 but a lifespan of 10+ years for a multi home system cleaner it works out to nothing spread over the years. I would most definitely say its worth the price tag and i would say if you are sceptical book a FREE DEMO if the machine isn’t for you in the end then no loss, but at my Demo i was blown away and was sold by the end.

Mattress Cleaning:

Cleaning my mattress i wasn’t expecting much of a result its pretty new, using the Lavenia Mattress Cleaning Powder i sprinkled it over my mattress and massaged it in with the  Kobold MP440 Dry Cleaning Mattress Attachment and left it to sit for 30 minutes to work. After 30 minutes i vacuumed the Mattress and was surprised at how much cleaner it looked, prior to i didnt even think it needed cleaning! also it had fluffed up the Mattress beautifully and left a lovely fresh smell behind.

Dry Carpet Cleaner:

On my demonstration i was shown how the Kobosan dry powder actually works, the demonstrator drew with a Biro on his hand then placed a small amount of the powder into his hand and rubbed away at the pen mark, the Kobosan powder had lift the ink out of his hand!! i had to try it out on my matted dirty rug. Using the Kobold VF200 attachment this deposited the powder onto my rug evenly at the same time as massaging it deep in to the rug. Leaving it to work for 30 minutes as instructed before vacuuming the Kobosan powder away.

RESULTS; I was plesently surprised my rug felt brand new again, no matting all fluffed back up with a lovely fresh scent left behind. The powder had absorbed the dirt and moisture out of the carpet and had been vacuumed away.


The Duo clean attachment allows you to mop your floors and Vaccum them at the same time! (50% less time cleaning) The rotating mop head buffs and cleans your floors while the built in vacuum sucks up dust and dirt getting two jobs done in one and effortless cleaning! with a variety of different microfibre heads to suit your floors texture and (solution) a small amount of product is used on the floors 50% less water than a regular mop, so no soaking floors i found by the time i had finished half of the floors were already dry.

I would highly reccomend this product to anybody whos intruiged, i loved being able to deep clean my house with just one machine there is so much that could be cleaned, the annual spring clean would just need this and nothing else. Book your Free demonstration today nothing to loose😊



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