Things I Do Daily To Stay On Top Of House Work.

I get so many messages through social media asking me ‘how do you stay on top of everything?’ so i thought i’d put together a blog post to hopefully help some of you.

Daily i like to take 10 minutes per room cleaning and i always like to start at the top of the house in the bedrooms and work my way downstairs.

Heres how i do it in orderly list.



  • Open Curtains and windows to freshen up the rooms
  • Pick up any clothes for the wash
  • Pick anything remaining up off floors
  • wipe down any surfaces and dust
  • Make beds
  • Hoover
  • Take out any rubbish


  • Bleach, disinfect or sanitise the Bath, Sink, Work surfaces and Tiles.
  • Clean the toilet
  • Hoover floor
  • Mop Floors
  • Take rubbish from the bins out.


  • Pick up anything off the floor
  • Wipe and dust all surfaces
  • Hoover sofa
  • Hoover all floors
  • Airfreshner spray to freshen up


  • Pots at breakfast, dinner,tea supper
  • Wipe down sides after every meal
  • Hoover & mop floor at night


  • 1 loads daily keeps on top of all washing (any whites i soak in the sink with whitening powder and wash by hand).

This is the list of daily cleaning tasks that i do, i will be working on a weekly and monthly cleaning routine soon so keep eyes peeled for that.




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