Vorwerk VC100 handheld Vacuum Review

This little Vorwerk VC100  battery powered handheld vacuum is brilliant, unlike other vacuums this one has a very good battery life and super strong suction, its so convenient for a Mum of 2 Young children like me.

The kids loved to get involved with the Vacuuming as it’s so light weighing just 650g they had great fun Vacuuming their bedrooms and Mattresses.

Vacuuming down the car is so much easier than having an extension cord running out of the house too, i had enough battery to Vacuum every bit of the car and boot before it needed to be charged, from a full charged battery you have around about 20 minutes Vacuuming time. It’s pointed head makes it very easy to get into hard to reach areas in the carpets and upholstery in the car.

I personally found this Vacuum most useful for Vacuuming down my Mattress and Sofa Daily, with two young children crumbs are crazy in this house so it felt effortless to whip out the Handheld and give the areas a once over.

Charging this hand held is very easy, it comes with a docking which is plugged in to the handle and then plugged into the wall, and with LED indicated lights on the front of the vacuum you can see how much it has charged and when it has fully charged.

For more information about this product visit the link; https://goo.gl/aVoG8U


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