Mental health, coping and cleaning.

Hello, my name is Abi and I suffer from Anxiety, depression and panic attacks. I suffered for so many years barely ever leaving my home, I felt so isolated and alone. Nobody around me ever suffered from mental health like this so I was totally alienated by the fact nobody understood.. including me.

In 2016 I gave birth to my second beautiful son and found myself sliding back in this dark place of feeling anxious and alone, I refused to allow myself to feel this way at such a beautiful important time of my life.

I would find myself scrubbing and cleaning the house and feeling relief from mental health, for once I was in control… its a coping mechanism for me no pills or counselling, its self help and i really do enjoy it.

I started up my blog and cleaning Instagram in January 2017 and I found an amazing community of people just like me, I finally felt I wasn’t alone battling this.  I receive so many messages a day thanking me for helping others get cleaning.

Every day I upload cleaning tips and motivation to help others but really it helps me so much.

I wanted to share my story as I know people think ‘why do you clean so much?’ And I also know there’s others out there battling mental health and feel alone, just remember you are NEVER alone ❤️




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