Bioarmor-Nano Review

Protective Liquid Glass Nano Coating

This is an invisible protection for bathroom & kitchen surfaces.                         

This coating prevents the growth of mold & bacteria with a nice lovely 24/7 antimicrobial protection.

The coverage area is up to 1m squared per sachet. 


After Bioarmor arrived I was very excited to give it a try as the videos i have seen were fantastic. I read through all the instructions which were very easy to follow i have to say. So after opening the box I have a few smaller items inside. There was 3 sachets in the box which i was most pleased with. I went for my bathroom tiles on this one as my partner always leaves a nice mess behind when he showers after work.

So step 1 Give it a clean with anything you desire, just make sure all dirt/mold is gone and preferably try not to leave any residue behind.

Step 2 the Bioarmor-Nano, After you have made sure your tiles are nice and fully clean then go for the Bioarmor. Make sure you apply this nice and even all over the area you want to treat making sure not to miss any bits as you do not want some dirt/mold growing or multiplying. Also don’t forget them edges and grouting. There will be plenty of the Bioarmor to cover area so don’t be afraid to cover as much as poss. Each sachet covers around 1m squared but i managed to cover a bit more. Up to you. Once covered completely and you are happy with them then stage 3.

Step 3, So after stage 2 you will have to sit about for 5 minutes to allow for the Bioarmor agent to evaporate so put kettle on and make a brew. After you have you brew the agent should be dry at this point so go ahead and grab a microfiber and give it a going over to get rid of any excess left behind.

Step 4 the Final Step, So once you are happy with the excess removed you may as well go for a  nap as this is the long part. 5 hours and counting. I would generally start the process a bit of time before you hit the hay so its can dry over night.

You might notice the product may be dry prior to the 5 hours, this is OK for it to be used at this point but please DO NOT use any cleaning products on the gadget until it has at least a full 5 hours to dry. After which you can use what ever you want, the worlds your oyster.

The following morning I open my eyes and first thing i do is op to the loo and have a sneaky peek. Closed the door and put shower on and low and behold it works like an absolute treat 🙂 I would happily recommend this products to anyone, works so well and can’t wait to try Bioarmor’s next product :).

Happy Days.

Fantastic idea by Bioarmor-Nano

Thanks guys 🙂

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