Top 10 favourite cleaning products

Teepol gold– Top Favourite is Teepol gold simply as you can clean just about anything with it, from washing the pots to cleaning the windows, washing down the tiles. It’s amazing for lifting grease so i can fully clean out my oven and microwave with it. Everywhere in the bathroom can be cleaned using teepol gold, bath tub, floor, showers, tiles, toilet! Love this product!

Bleach–  I couldn’t live without bleach, the satisfying side of killing 99.9% of bacteria on all surfaces it makes me so happy. I love cleaning my floors and sides with bleach also everywhere in the bathroom, a good amount down the toilet and a good sink and bath scrub brings it all up gleaming.

Astonish Cream Cleaner With Bleach–  I have posted so many tips with this product from washing down Upvc window frames and doors bringing them back white, brightening up stainless steel and ceramic it removes any grime, scuffs and marks.

Zoflora– I love zoflora i have to say my favourite is Lemon Zing, there is so much i use zoflora for here are a few ideas. Mopping down the floor by diluting zoflora in a mop bucket for disinfecting floors. Diluted in a spray bottle for a multi surface disinfectant, wiping down sides, sink, cupboards, furniture, bathroom cleaner.

Astonish Oven & Cookware Cleaner –  This Magic paste is a Top must for me, it lifts burned on marks from all the oven and its door, pots and pans, hobs and slow cookers. I also love using this on my stainless steel sink for a good deep clean, it removes all grime and leaves my sink super shiny.

Teepol Glass & Window Cleaner– When i’m not using my Karcher Window Vac i love teepol glass cleaner, unlike other glass cleaners its streak free every time, no nasty vinegar scent. Brings mirrors up perfectly clean, mirrored furniture and stainless steel

White Vinegar–  White vinegar is used so much around my house, i love using it with Bicarbonate of soda to lift heavy grease by sprinkling the bicarb over the grease and adding white vinegar,this makes a fizzing reaction which lifts cooked on grime, after 15 minutes wipe clean for a perfect finish. I Love to also use these to clean clogged or smelling drains, sprinkle bicarb over the plug enough to cover & add white vinegar for the fizzing reaction and leave for 30 minutes before pooring boiling water down to fully clear the drain pipes out.

Astonish Fabric Stain Remover Astonish Fabric stain remover has saved me so many times over the last few years and is so cheap! For 750ml bottle its around £1. I have used this for stains in my pushchairs, carseats, beds, carpets, sofas, curtains, shoes, clothing the list could go on.. Amazing product.

Karcher WV2- Although this isn’t a cleaning solution i couldn’t live without my Karcher now, this is a window Vacuum that sucks residue water from windows, tiles, shower doors, work surfaces leaving a beautiful streak free finish. I used to hate the job of going around the house buffing every window streak free taking almost all day, with the Karcher it takes 30 minutes!. This also comes with a spray bottle with a microfiber strip attached for easy window cleaning.

Stardrops Pine scented Disinfectant – This Multi purpose cleaner is used so much in my home, in my kitchen i dilute this in a bowl of warm water and wipe down everywhere, my baby high chair, kitchen sides, wipe down tiles, sink scrub and add some to my Mop bucket for cleaning the floors to ensure my kitchen is germ free. Not stopping there, the bathroom harbours so many germs again mopping down the floors, scrubbing down the bath, sink, shower and tiles to keep germs



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