Teepol cleaning products.

Teepol Products   Sell a wide range of cleaning products everything you need to clean your Home, Car, Office, Cafeteria and even your Pets!


Teepol gold; You have probably already seen this product floating around the internet, its very popular and for good reason. Its concentrated detergent means you need a very small amount to create many suds a drop goes a long way, this product is very versatile the cleaning possibilities are endless. Apart from the obvious use washing up liquid its also a window cleaning solution, a bath tub cleaner, tile cleaner, car cleaner ( interior and exterior), degreaser, stain remover, floor cleaner, leather cleaner, garden furniture cleaner and the list goes on and on.. the teepol gold retails for £1.75 for 500ml super affordable and definitely worth the price.1

Lemon cream cleaner; I personally couldn’t live without a good cream cleaner its fantastic for stainless steel to buff and shine it back up, this works amazing on my sink it leaves a smear free shine behind and a gorgeous clean lemon smell too. I use this on my bath and sink also to remove those scratches that seem to appear out of nowhere, it leaves them both sparkling and brand new every time. The teepol cream cleaner retails for £1.25 for 500ml again not expensive and lasts a very long time (around 6-8 months for me)as a little goes along way.


Universal cleaner; The universal cleaner is also a very popular product, it can be used for so much. I use this as a stain remover spray for carpets and upholstery, it never fails to remove stubborn marks and stains. Its other uses are cleaning down work tops, stainless steel cleaner, removing marks on walls, and even cleaning your drive way. The universal cleaner retails for £2.25 for a 500ml spray bottle very cheap and versatile.



Stainless steel cleaner; There is nothing worse than seeing finger prints or smears on a gorgeous stainless steel fridge freezer, or microwave this product is a life saver for that. Spray a little amount and buff with a damp cloth and dry with a microfiber it looks brand new again. Cooker hoods and hobs that are stainless steel are a hard one to clean and its so common for smears to be left behind with other products, i find this gives smear free finish every time. The stainless steel cleaner retails for £2.25  for a 500ml spray bottle, again affordable and worth the price.


Oven Cleaner; Hands down the best oven cleaner around, if you follow my social media you will see me use this weekly, i give my oven a spray of the cleaner and leave it to work its magic for 5-10 minutes (depending on the amount of grease and grime). A quick wipe down and the oven is clean again. This can also be used on BBQ’s, grills, fat firers, slow cooker, and extractor hoods. When my cooker rings start to build up with grease and burned on bits i put the rings into a zip lock bag and spray the Oven cleaner in there and leave them to soak over night, it works like magic. This Oven Cleaner spray retails for £2.25 for a 500ml spray bottle, which is very cheap in comparison to other brands prices.


Glass cleaner; I have tried many glass cleaners in my time,most seem to leave awful smear marks and make the windows and glass look even worse than they were before i started!. This product is popular and its popular because of its price and performance, never leaves smears leaves windows and glass sparkling, its a top product of teepol’s that i would definitely recommend trying, Its fabulous i even use it on my car!. This glass cleaner retails for £2.25 for a 500ml bottle, a little goes a long way so lasts a very long time.


Cleaner Sanitizer (Fruity); The fruity Sanitizer has an amazing smell to it, my absolute favourite. I use this to clean my little boys highchair i love knowing 99.9% of germs are  killed and he will be able to eat safe. My eldest son takes his water bottle to nursery every day so when he comes home i fill the sink with hot water and a dash of the Sanitizer spray and leave that to work for 15 minutes. Its also great for chopping boards as it kills MRSA, E.coli and Salmonella! The Cleaner Sanizier (Fruity) retails for £2.25 for a 500ml spray bottle, again afforable and worth every penny for what it does.



*NOTE: Teepol do not test on animals they are a small family owned business which has been running since 1938 most products shown can also be purchased in a mini 100ml bottles or bulk buy cases of 12 for cheaper. Prices shown are excluding postage and VAT.

Discount code- *Abby2018* for 15% off your Teepol order.

Thank you for reading.

Abiscleaningspace x

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